Giant ukulele!

“Tiptoe / through the tulips / through the something-something / with you” … Oh baby baby, it’s a giant ukulele! Who in their right mind would buy a ukulele this large? Not me, but then I’m not convinced I want a uke of the more typical size. You see, I have very long fingers. Good for rock guitar, not so good for ukulele or mandolin. But hey, you know what they say about guys with big fingers, don’t you? Hell yeah you do! We gotta buy big gloves.


October 5, 2007. Musical instruments.


  1. Alan replied:

    …as featured in the film, “Not So-Tiny Tim”.

  2. Rose replied:

    Roger – I posted a comment about the inuicgrnoty between the period of time for your normalized data on storms and the data you used to examine the impact of changes in building standards. Is there some reason it went into your trash or did it just get lost?

  3. mccurry motors replied:

    AFAICT you’ve covered all the bases with this answer!

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