Submit a comically large thing

If you have a photo or video of something that is comically large, you should totally send it to me. If I’m not too frightened by its scale or sheer existence, I might post it for the world to enjoy.

Contrariwise, if you are in possession of a photo of something utterly ordinary, you should hold onto that. Keep it somewhere safe. It will provide you comfort and spiritual sustenance once the robots take over.



  1. nathan replied:

    Worlds largest termite? Perhaps.

  2. Julian Pennisi replied:

    if you’re amused by comically large things… you should check out australia’s obsession with them lol… theres loads… the big banana?, the big boot?, the big prawn?, the big barramundi???

    that link has heaps…

  3. °flo replied:

    how´s this for large?

  4. brandon replied: this is a comically large zippo i got for my buddy for his birthday(?) or just for no reason cuz i’m a cool guy like that. it’s not a picture of the actual zippo but it’s a pretty good estimation. similarly, there’s a bunch of HUGE stuff at the site that its on.

  5. John WIlson replied:

    The Big Duck

  6. Hopscotch replied:

    dunno if you’ve see this or not: (world’s largest big mac),0,

  7. Mangawitch replied:

    Hows this for one hell of a big bike!?

  8. John replied:

    Take a look at these giant golf clubs, baseball bats and tennis racquets. A fusion of sports and art.

    John, Palm Desert, CA

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