Giant shrimp!

giant-shrimp.jpgAAAUUUUGGGGHHH! Everybody get out of the way! A giant shrimp is having physical relations with a car dealership! Clearly, the sales manager did something to piss off the Shrimp Gods, otherwise this massive prawn wouldn’t be straddling the roof of his dealership. I hesitate to imagine what the aftermath of this will be.


August 13, 2007. Animals, Food.


  1. Rochelle replied:

    That is really creepy! What are they trying to sell?

  2. Alan replied:

    The photo reveals that the shrimp has a building complex.


  3. thenoodleator replied:

    Actually, I’ve been to the big prawn in Ballina, NSW Australia. One end of the building is a car dealership, the other end is a seafood takeout joint. I ate some awesome prawns there. 🙂

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