Giant library card!

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Hey look, it’s a giant library card! Woo-hoo! This means you can finally reserve and take home your copy of Johnny McBiggington’s Big Stuff and Large Things and Whatnot Etcetera! Now, if only they had the foresight to purchase a sufficiently large barcode scanner. Curses! Foiled again!


January 4, 2008. Office supplies, People.


  1. Bobbo replied:

    I first started following JYJ news at SYC, but by some stroke of luck, i dieecvorsd JYJ3 and have been here ever since Thanks so much for your hard work; some times i wonder if you gals ever sleep, with news being updated so fast! Keep spreading the JYJ love!

  2. how much is a seatbelt ticket in mn replied:

    Interesting question, Paul. Yes, if this is indeed a time of profound change, it would be a perfect time for an avatar to be present on the planet. However, we would not likely know of its presence. Avatars prefer to act quietly and fulfill their task peacefully. They tend to do this in the briefest, most efficient way — often through minor adjustments which unfold over an extended period of time (years, decades, centuries) — so the duration of presence could be quite short; thus we might at some point recognize its effects rather than observe its actions in progress.

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