Giant cookie!

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This lady has one of those giant twisty cookie things. I forget what they’re called. But man, that looks good. She doesn’t seem convinced, though – judging by her expression, she was hoping for something other than a giant twisty cookie. But who can speak to what fortune holds? Life consists of taking things in stride, be they blessing, curse or giant cookie.


December 19, 2007. Food.


  1. Alan replied:

    IIRC, they’re called “scrotum cookies”.

    This is not the first scrotum-shaped baked good you’ve posted, you know:

  2. Cath replied:


  3. Bound Down South replied:

    It doesn’t look good to me. it looks scary. it looks like a human organ thats been sliced up and dried.

  4. Hugo replied:

    Haha this is called una palmera it’a a traditional spanish breakfast thing.
    By the wayit’s really dry and nt that nice.
    Also it really does not taste like a cookie.
    They have it at my uni here in Madrid every morning.

  5. nicki replied:

    i’ve always heard them called elephant ears

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