Giant hat, with girl and frightening tattoo!

Man, I really want to comment on this hat. And I really want to say “Hellllooo ladies!” But I can’t concentrate because of that damned tattoo. Just look at that! Can you imagine how bad that must have hurt! It’s right there on the ticklish bit! JEEZ! Makes me itch just thinking about it. Still, very nice, large hat.


December 3, 2007. Hats.


  1. Alan replied:

    If she’s not careful her sternum will fly away!

    • Deandra replied:

      Hi Nadya,Thanks for all your nice comments about my music. You may be interested in some of my other videos of my Stm#&enyupe8217;s Neshome ensemble performing in Krakow.All my best,Steve

  2. Lisa replied:

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  3. replied:

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