Giant check, with girl, with giant eyes!

True story: I won a giant check when I was in fourth grade. It was for an essay contest, and my piece was titled “I Pity the Consciousness: Cartesian Dualism in the Milieu of The A Team.” Swept the damn awards, I can tell you. So I get the check and I’m all ready to take it to the bank and cash it, when Ms. Milliver comes over and asks for it back – it’s just a prop, she says, it’s not really a check, she says, they’ve got a gift certificate for O.G. Wilson’s that I can have and the check was never really mine.

Something changed in me that day. The young boy that had enough trust in his heart to take the world at face value grew up abruptly; things looked a little bit different from that point on, and although I would learn to trust again, I would go through my youth wondering what other cherished tenet of my faith might be built upon shaky sand.

Oh, and yes, hellllooo ladies!


November 30, 2007. Checks, People.


  1. Alan replied:

    Man! Look at the wall!


  2. Alan replied:

    She reminds me of that damn painting of the kitty with big eyes in the alleyway. It was a velvet painting, wasn’t it?

    • Maverick replied:

      Reading this right before getting ready to hit the treadmill for a scheduled 5 miler. Prepping for New York in 4 weeks and tod7&y#821a;s races were more mentally exhausting to me than actually running last week’s Smuttynose Marathon. I wanna go to bed, but in honor of that person who was going to quit but didn’t, I will do these 5 miles!

  3. Lidia replied:

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