Giant tuba!

Holy crap! Look at this tuba. Who in their right mind would opt to learn such an instrument? “Timmy, what band instrument would you like to learn to play?” “Well, mom, I think I want to play the tuba – but not just any tuba, a tuba that will give me debilitating back pain by the time I’m 20. Pleeeeeze, mom?


November 23, 2007. Musical instruments.


  1. Alan replied:

    That’s not a big tuba. It’s a tenor fartonium.

    Common mistake.

  2. mattie replied:

    ITS A TUBA Asswhole

  3. J. R. replied:

    Yes, this is one big instrument…a perfect addition to a large symphony orchestra or philharmonic orchestra. I just wish this tuba would be fully functional with WORKING VALVES (this tuba’s valves don’t work). Also, this tuba appears to be ‘weatherbeaten’ and needs a lot of refurbishing. If a fully functional tuba of this size exists, it should play notes down to the lowest notes ever played on a PIPE ORGAN if played by the best tubists. Again, symphony and philharmonic orchestras around the world need fully functional GIANT TUBAS like the one pictured here to supplant the bass sections of those orchestras.

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