Giant peach!

Unbelievable. What will science accomplish next? Here’s a peach that grew so large, its owners were able to hollow it out and turn it into a retail establishment. Looks like they had a little bit of an engineering feat on their hands in the form of flattening the bottom – if they hadn’t done that, this thing might roll away. And that would be terrifying for the people working inside, even more terrifying than the spectre of being inside a dimensional peach itself.


November 1, 2007. Food.


  1. Alan replied:

    The hell? I came here looking for a children’s book and I get this crap!!!11

  2. Emily replied:

    You. Are. Made. Of. Awesome.

    Seriously, you win at life. Win. At. Life.

    This is making me use a lot of periods. 🙂

    You get a bookmark, and a shiny gold star!

    ~Em 😉

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