Giant chicken, surveying a nice couple!

This Kafkaesque chicken is debating its options; you can see it in his eyes. On the one hand, he sees this very nice couple having a day out, probably doing a little site-seeing, and he thinks “Oh, that’s nice, I hope they’re enjoying their day. It certainly is nice weather for it.” On the other hand, he sees the haunted, still-as-glass eyes of all of his brethren that have been plucked, beheaded and deep-fried by humans such as these, and he wonders if perhaps the time for niceties has come and gone. Only time will tell what Master Chicken decides to do next.


October 10, 2007. Animals, Divine hammer, Food.

One Comment

  1. Alan replied:

    That’s no chicken.

    It’s a cock. Biggest one I’ve seen.

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