Giant chess game!

White queen to king’s bishop, black rook to I QUIT. These comically large chess sets are fun at the mall, but only because you’ve got a giant slushie. What’s the fun of chess without slushies? Or at least the possibility of a cheesesteak made by an unfriendly Hispanic woman. You give me that, I’ll play you some chess with pieces that are difficult to move. No cheesesteak? No chess.


September 20, 2007. Appliances, Office supplies, Toys.


  1. Alan replied:

    Cove and Parkes – they’re chess cops!

    From the liver-spotted hand of Aaron Spelling and produced by Quinn-Martin, makers of Barnaby Jones and Canon, comes “Cove and Parkes”, a new buddy-buddy cop drama-comedy!

    Parkes is a veteran teen-age cop – tough, cynical and bitter for being passed over for promoted time after time! Now, only 32 years from retirement, Parkes is transferred to a new division in the Department: Chess Cops! And he’s forced to team up with the new kid, Cleever Clove.

    Clove’s a boy genius who sped up the ranks of school and college until there was nowhere else to go! His father, the Chief of Police, is killed by an outlaw 2 minutes before retirement! Now his angry and wimpy son is out for revenge! The only way Clove knows how to reek vengence on his prey is with a badge – a Chess Cops badge!

    Join Clove and Parkes each week as they get closer and closer to the killer – and each other! This fall on CBS!

  2. Alan replied:

    promotion. Dangit!

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