Giant hat!

Is there anything better than having somebody put a giant hat on you and sing to you? If there is, I haven’t discovered it yet. This particular hat is a strange choice for a birthday party, but when it’s your birthday you get to make the rules, I guess. One time on my birthday they gave me a hat that had a little space on the brim to hold a basket of chips, and another thing around on the other side that held salsa. That was the best birthday hat in the whole history of the world.


September 7, 2007. Food, Hats, People.


  1. Alan replied:

    Moving your head back and forth to get the chips to fall into the salsa basket is a lot of work, though. And could cause whiplash.

  2. Jeannie replied:

    When I was pregnant, I would get up at 5am to hit the gym and get in some tredmill time to deal with RLP, get to work by 8am, work until at least 6pm, deal with rush hour traffic home, make dinner and at the same time do laundry and other chores, blog while watching TV and eating dinner with my husband and go to bed around 10pm.Now that I actually have the child, I do twice as much. Gifrilrend has NO CLUE.

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