Giant computer!

This is a nice touch – the hotel offers free computer use for its guests – but I think they made a mistake when they chose one huge computer rather than a bunch of regular-sized ones. Sure, maybe they saved a little bit of money, but the trade-off is serious – very few people will be able to actually use this thing, owing to the fact that the keyboard is suspended in mid-air and will require a fair amount of physical acumen to reach. It’s also completely unaccessible to people with disabilities, unless they’ve got some sort of lift system that I can’t discern in this photo.

Then there’s the matter of the operating system – is that Linux? Big mistake for a hospitality provider. Most consumers are familiar with Windows and Windows only. Bonus geek points, but still, not a wise choice here.

Finally, they’ve installed it near the swimming pool. What if that thing falls in? God help us all.


August 31, 2007. Office supplies.

One Comment

  1. Alan replied:

    And what if it crashed?!! Maybe that’s why they didn’t put Windows on it.

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