Giant computer!

This is a nice touch – the hotel offers free computer use for its guests – but I think they made a mistake when they chose one huge computer rather than a bunch of regular-sized ones. Sure, maybe they saved a little bit of money, but the trade-off is serious – very few people will be able to actually use this thing, owing to the fact that the keyboard is suspended in mid-air and will require a fair amount of physical acumen to reach. It’s also completely unaccessible to people with disabilities, unless they’ve got some sort of lift system that I can’t discern in this photo.

Then there’s the matter of the operating system – is that Linux? Big mistake for a hospitality provider. Most consumers are familiar with Windows and Windows only. Bonus geek points, but still, not a wise choice here.

Finally, they’ve installed it near the swimming pool. What if that thing falls in? God help us all.


August 31, 2007. Office supplies.


  1. Alan replied:

    And what if it crashed?!! Maybe that’s why they didn’t put Windows on it.

    • Viki replied:

      “Kto wie, może w przyszÅ‚ym roku postaram siÄ™ zawalczyć o KrysztaÅ‚owego SmBo&a#8221;kardzo na to liczÄ™ i gorÄ…co zachÄ™cam do tego, aby przekonać osoby zewnÄ™trzne, majÄ…ce styczność z innymi MG, takimi niefanatycznymi, do fanatycznego ujÄ™cia pierwszej edycji! LiczÄ™ na to tak bardzo, że tutaj zadeklarujÄ™ iż stawiam flachÄ™ za zgÅ‚oszenie plus dodatkowa flacha za podium

  2. Henrietta replied:

    I am currently re-reading DAG and came across this:“…That night I dreamed of Eric. In my dream he was human and we walked together under the sun. Oddly enough he sold real estate.”Man, I hope Eric can daywalk under the sun with Sookie after draining Claudine. *smile* He’s already bought her house…maybe the TB writers can make this little prophecy come trn;& &nbspe!ubsp;0 likes

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