Giant syringe!

Dammit, what is wrong with people? This girl is hugging this giant needle like it’s a friend of hers. That thing is not your friend, honey! Can you imagine the burn-hole it’s gonna leave in your arm? I mean. I hate needles! This thing would scare the excrement right out of me if I saw it coming at me in an exam room. And what would your doctor say about that dosage?


August 30, 2007. Divine hammer, People.


  1. Alan replied:

    She uses it for enemas.

    She like enemas.

  2. jeff aardrup replied:

    Where can I get one of the giant syringes?



    • Janelle replied:

      Smart thikning – a clever way of looking at it.

    • what does negligence mean replied:

      Congrats on your feature. It's such a bright beautiful space, full of colour & a lovely amount of negative space for the eye to rest, just like your lovely art works!

  3. JR replied:

    IVE GOT TO KNOW WHERE YOU GOT IT! I need it for my halloween costume this year. Please please pretty please

  4. Fred replied:

    Please let us know where we can purchase these giant syringes.

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