Giant dog gives guy a giant check!

Fabulous. What could be better than getting a giant novelty check? How about having it presented to you by a giant superhero dog? This is life right here, friends – study this picture so you’ll recognize good times when they come your way. Also, please notice the smaller dog off to the right – isn’t he adorable? Who’s a good doggy, huh? You are! You are!


August 28, 2007. Animals, Checks.

One Comment

  1. Alan replied:

    You’re assuming the giant dog is giving the giant check. But perhaps it’s the little dog giving the giant dog the check. The giant dog sure looks pleased with himself. Like he’s just been given a giant check.

    Or maybe the dogs are just ruses. perhaps the man is giving the giant check to the Asian lady. Perhaps the giant dog is scheming to grab the giant check after the Asian woman takes it from the man.

    Perhaps all three people are trying to take the check for themselves. This photo could have been taken right before the polite, “Excuse me, but I’m taking this giant check” devolved into a brawl. The giant dog could then steal the giant check during the ensuing chaos.

    But I wouldn’t assume that the giant dog is giving the check away. That’s all I’m sayin.

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