Giant light bulb!

At best, this light bulb is not very eco-friendly. I’d go so far as to call it eco-hostile. If you’re going to use a light bulb this freakishly large, the least you can do is use one of those corkscrew-shaped ones. That would save, like, a bazillion BTUs or something. But let’s be honest – even at that, anybody who needs a light bulb this large needs to reassess their energy usage levels.


August 21, 2007. Appliances, Office supplies.


  1. Alan replied:

    I just found out that BTU stands for British Thermal Unit.

    Why are we Americans using the Brits’ Thermal Units? Don’t they need them? Why can’t we create our own? This is simply selfish!

    Al Gore was right!

  2. Orrin replied:

    And just think how inefficient this bulb is –being covered in opaque yellow paint and all…

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