Giant biscuit sandwich!

File this one under missed opportunities. We begin with a giant biscuit – and a nice looking one at that. But then, the assembler of this sandwich decides to get frugal at exactly the wrong time – one slice of ham? What the hell, dude? A biscuit of this size needs at least three slices. And unless I’m missing something, there’s no cheese on there. Get it together.


August 20, 2007. Food, Hands.


  1. Alan replied:

    …and what’s with the gonad-shaped biscuit underneath it?

    And why is it spelled “Biscuit”? I never remember how to spell that!

  2. Rochelle replied:

    Alan- You have sharp eyes to have spotted the anatomical biacuit, I missed it the first time.

  3. comicallylarge replied:

    Gonad-Shaped Biscuit was, without question, my favorite band of the 80s.

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