Giant bottle of barbeque sauce!

Sporting events used to be so family friendly – what was better than taking the kids out to the ballpark, getting a few dogs and cokes and watching nine innings?

Those days are long gone, of course, because now we all live in fear of being smote by a hideously large bottle of barbeque sauce.

Also, this is as good a time as any to acknowledge an ongoing controversy, one that refuses to relent: namely, whether it is spelled “barbeque sauce” or “barbecue sauce.” Whatever the answer, we can all surely agree that this stupidly oversized bottle, which chooses to spell it “bar-b-q sause,” isn’t even trying to get it right.


August 17, 2007. Divine hammer, Food, Sports.

One Comment

  1. Alan replied:

    You failed to mention that the giant bottle would, at times, “poop” on the crowd. Now that’s saucy!


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