Giant hand!

AAAUUUUGGHH! God is angry with us! Witness, friends, the giant hand that is tippie-toeing through this peaceful village. Notice that the villagers themselves are smart enough to flee – they’re all inside! Are you smart enough to get out of the way of the giant hand?

(Also, please notice the stylish watch the giant hand is wearing. Very nice.)


August 15, 2007. Divine hammer, Hands, Watches.


  1. Alan replied:

    Does this right hand know what the left hand is doing? And which one has the travelers’ checks?

  2. Dash replied:

    Len neviem či viete, že teraz je možné zamestnaÅ¥ zdravotne zneÃd½hovneného občana ak chcete požiadaÅ¥ o dotáciu len z evidencie úradu práce od 1. 1. 2011. Ťažko povedaÅ¥, koľkí sú evidovaní, keď do mnohých úradov sa ani nedostanú pre bariéry! Emil

  3. baufinanzierung zinsen replied:

    Hello Gail,Actually…Silky didn’t bite me that strong. I exaggerated a bit. The way I told her off might have been much worse. It is cooler here and very comfortable. I understand Shelby enjoyed her walk because even it is a short one Silky and I always run to the door. Love Coco and Silky

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