Giant cast iron skillet!

I have never met your grandmother, but I feel confident in saying that she would think this is way too much skillet. Think about frying a couple of eggs in this sucker – how would you ever get two pats of butter to distribute evenly across the surface of this nonsense? You’d have to use a disproportionate amount of fat in order to prevent the eggs from sticking. Ditto for potatoes or crepes or whatever. This is more skillet than is needed for most tasks. We call shenanigans on this skillet!


August 13, 2007. Appliances, Food.


  1. Hopscotch replied:

    Hi. I just want to say that I think you are hilarious. I can’t remember how I came across the blog, but I subbed to it for the funny pictures. Just tonight, my lazy self took the time to actually READ your descriptions, and you know what? You’re a riot. Please. Don’t. Stop. I predict big things for this blog…

  2. Alan replied:

    Also notice that the fine folks of Brandon, Ioway, have put the text on the skillet in a manner that suggests they have more to say later. What will it be? What will they say next? “This is a really big skillet?” I think that might be obvious. I’d say something else.

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