Giant rubber stamp!

giant-rubber-stamp.jpgThis must be every bureaucrat’s fever dream. Just look at the size of this rubber stamp. And unless I’m reading it wrong, it’s designed to stamp the word “FREE” upon whatever piece of paper it smites. So we must now ask ourselves – what exactly is being given away at no charge, and what must the bill of lading look like that is intended to receive a stamp from this beast? I’ll tell you this much – whatever it is, I don’t have room in my house for it.


August 12, 2007. Office supplies.


  1. herman replied:

    the question really is, where is that large piece of paper that this stamp is supposed to go with?

  2. Alan replied:

    You’re looking at the stamp upside-down. It doesn’t say “Free”. It’s in Russian, and the word translates as “at no cost”.

    Glad I could help!

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