Giant butt!


According to Jenna Rinaldi, who was kind enough to send this gem in, this is a duplicate of the large butts used in Sir Mix-A-Lot’s legendary “Baby Got Back” video. I know I like this, and I cannot deny.

Our fervent hope is that the now-thriving industry of rent-a-bouncy-house will take notice of this thing and learn: You don’t have to limit yourself to giant Scooby Doos and Hulks and basketball courts. There are so many beautiful things in nature that you can emulate with ridiculous amounts of plastic and a big honkin’ blower. Pay attention.


August 11, 2007. People, Rear ends.


  1. Clutch replied:

    Where’s the giant roll of toilet paper?


  2. Alan replied:

    Take care when inserting the blower.

  3. jenna b replied:

    I’ve been in that backside with some other curious folk! It was dark, humid and smelled like ass, how appropriate! The highlight of independence!

  4. poosey replied:

    I remember you, Jenna who had the bastard child of Axl Rose, right? What a Space Cadet you are.

  5. GapeMaster replied:

    Now if I only had a giant cock to service that big ass!

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