Giant truck!

giant-truck.jpgYou have to wonder how this kind of thing gets started. One wise guy says, “Hey, I know, let’s make a really big truck!” and then his jerk of a friend says, “No, wait, what about a really huge truck!” And they’re slapping each other on the back and drinking Amstel Light and before you know it, somebody mocks up a prototype for a truck that no normal human being could possibly need. This truck, for instance, makes no sense in practical, day-to-day driving applications. I bet the mileage is atrocious. And what about novelty license plate frames? There’s no way the standard-sized ones will fit on the front of this thing.


August 10, 2007. Vehicles.


  1. Northern117 replied:

    Actually it is for very large scale construction excavation and open-pit mining, filled by large excavators. They are kept off road.

  2. gilly replied:

    Yeah, I saw something on tv about these. It said that women tend to be better at driving them. I don’t remember why..

  3. Alan replied:

    Ashton Kucher drives one of these babies.

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