Giant slide rule!


Oh yeah … this is how we roll! BIG-ASS SLIDE RULE. Who needs this? I suppose there are some particle physicists out there whose computational needs run to a scale such as this. Me? I can think of very few occasions in which I would find myself using such a tool.


August 10, 2007. Appliances, People.


  1. Mike T. replied:

    These big slide rules hung at the front of classrooms in high schools, and the whole class would watch the teacher as he made a calculation.

  2. Alan replied:

    They’ve all been replaced by giant microcomputers.

  3. Amanda replied:

    I have one of these! It’s for classroom use, like Mike T. said.

  4. A little story « Red Fork State of Mind replied:

    […] Yesterday, I found out that there is a giant slide rule mounted to the wall in an unused classroom at school. This thing is a foot and a half high and probably five or six feet long. Enormous. Kind of like this one. […]

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